Photos: The cutest pomeranians of Bergen County


We know you’re probably as big dog lovers as we are at OMJ, because who can resist their total pet cuteness? One of the most adorable types of small dog around are pomeranians, and we’ve rounded up some of the most fetching pom pups in Bergen County to brighten your day.

This pup doesn’t mind being in a cat tree, as long as it’s comfy:

Getting ready for bedtime:

This pomeranian/Siberian husky mix is clearly well loved:

Enjoying the great outdoors:

And a pom who enjoys a good hike:

Another plus to their small size? Pomeranians can fit in your shopping cart:

This slow motion video shows a pomeranian who’s just as interested in nature as humans are:

This is indeed a beautiful New Jersey view of the George Washington Bridge with pet Piper: