5 best juice bars in Hoboken

These juice bars are the best in Hoboken.Pexels

These juice bars are the best in Hoboken.

Hoboken is filled with young families and workers, so it makes sense that it would also be filled with a lot of healthy options. While there are plenty of workout classes to choose from and a Trader Joe’s is soon coming to town to keep you healthy, there are also a number of juice bars to get a quick and healthy drink on the fly. These are some of our favorites.

1. Simply Juiced

This place has a lot of options and combinations available, so it will suit anyone’s needs. The employees are very helpful with suggestions/recommendations and they are more than happy to adjust any of the ingredients in the smoothie if necessary to accommodate to the customer’s taste.

What to Order: The Green Dream is recommended and delicious; it contains banana, kale, Brazil nut butter, vanilla extract, dates, rice protein, and almond milk.

2. Rejuice A Nation

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The smoothies here are yummy and do not disappoint. They are blended perfectly and are reasonably priced. Their acai smoothies are very fresh and aren’t too sweet like so many other places. They also offer soups, salads and sandwiches with their extensive juice menu.

What to Order: The Olympian Power Smoothie is one of the most popular ones and comes with raspberry juice, banana, strawberries, orange sherbet, energy boost and protein boost, multivitamin boost.

3. Total Nutrition Kitchen

This place makes it easy to stay healthy when you’re in a rush. They serve smoothies, light sandwiches, salads, and they make fresh meals. The smoothies are good but make sure to try one of their Acai bowls! They also have protein shakes available as well so you can head here after your workout.

What to Order: The Hangover Elixir is great for those nights when you’re not so healthy. It contains ginger, apple, carrot, kale, beats and stevia.

4. Green Pear Café

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This cute little café has a lot of smoothies and cold press fresh juices. It’s not too creamy and has a really good balance of mango and dairy. They also have eggs, Paninis, salads, and high fiber meals as well. It’s perfect if you want to grab brunch with friends or just want to pick up a smoothie on the way home from work.

What to Order: Be sure to try the Mango Lassi Smoothie – it is delicious Indian treat.

5. Muscle Maker Grill

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This health conscious café is perfect whether you want to grab and go or sit down and have a meal. They have a huge selection of smoothies and shakes to choose from along with a ton of food including salads or flat breads. Whether you want fruit or a chocolate smoothie, this place has it all and you can even add a “booster” in like fat burner, high energy, or multi-vitamin and minerals.

 What to Order: Try the chocolate peanut butter shake – it will be the perfect sweet fix!