Top 10 reasons why Wyckoff’s new Cyclebar will rock your world

Cyclebar in Wyckoff, NJPedro Trujillo

Cyclebar in Wyckoff, NJ

Today was the day my life changed forever! Okay, so maybe the experience wasn’t that dramatic but it was definitely one I’ll never forget. Cyclebar invited OMJ to try out a class at their new Wyckoff location before their grand opening at the end of the month. While I’ve picked up more bags of chips than dumbbells, I instantly hopped on the opportunity to break a sweat in a unique way.

My muscles will definitely feel the intensity of the exercise tomorrow, but right now I can’t stop raving about it! Check out the top 10 reasons why this will become your new favorite place to get toned:

1. The only thing you need to bring are comfy clothes and a good attitude
Arrive in your cutest athleisure gear with fresh socks and they’ve got you covered with the rest. They provide special cycling shoes, a water bottle and a towel for your fitness pleasure. Seeing as I forgot my replenishing beverage at home, this was a great surprise.

2. Dancing on your bikes is extremely encouraged
The point of the 50-minute classes is to push yourself, while also maintaining a speed and resistance that works with your body. Although I had trouble keeping up with the instructor from time to time, the eclectic mix of music playing through the speakers made me want to ride along to the beat.

3. There are soooooo many bikes
There’s 48 to be exact! So unless your crew is the size of DJ Khaled’s, inviting your friends to take the class with you should not be a problem.

cyclebar-bike13Pedro Trujillo

4. It felt like I was with a personal trainer
The class might have been filled, but Instructor Lindsay Arenstein made me feel like all of her attention was on me. Not only did her frequent eye contact come with a smile, but she continued to uplift the riders with words of motivation. 

Cyclebar instructor Lindsay Arenstein

Cyclebar instructor Lindsay Arenstein

5. The room alone will get you pumped
It was like a light show in there and I was not complaining. If the music set the tone of the class, then the lights depicted the mood.

6. They know the struggle of holding on to a hair tie is too real
Right outside of the Cyclebar theater is a recovery station, equipped with a water dispenser, fresh fruit, water bottles to take home, wet wipes, protein shake shots and of course, strong hair ties. I can’t be the only one who loses them on a weekly basis.

7. Don’t worry about tracking your progress, they’ve got that covered too
After every class, riders will receive a personal email that tracks their development. It includes how they ranked in the class, how many calories they burned and much more. Spoiler alert: I was at the bottom of the list (I blame myself being a novice to indoor cycling), but that didn’t matter to me too much because I had a blast getting to last place.

8. You can take home that awesome gym playlist
All those great songs you heard in class are also included in your email, so you can have a private dance party or whenever you feel like getting fit at your house.

9. The location is PERFECT
The indoor cycling studio is nestled right in the Boulder Run Shopping Center, next to an eyelash extension studio. Coincidence? I think not. They seriously knew exactly how to keep me coming back.

10. You can host a charity event here
During their off-peak hours, Cyclebar welcomes all businesses and charity organization to host their next event at their facility. According to owner Pedro Trujillo,  all of the proceeds go to that particular organization.

Ready to rock your ride? Visit Cyclebar, 327 Franklin Ave. Suite 7, Wyckoff NJ 07481.