Dolores Catania finally gets that boob lift she’s been wanting

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Dolores Catania

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Dolores Catania is a woman of her word. Just last month she told us she wanted a boob lift, and this past Monday the mom-of-two had what she calls a “full reconstructive breast surgery” in NYC.

For her latest procedure, Dolores went to Dr. Ryan Neinstein on the Upper East Side, who also specializes in minimally invasive liposuction. She told The Huffington Post that she is very happy with the results.

‘’My doctor looks like Hugh Grant and did an amazing job,” she says. “I went from having what looked like 2 rocks in a sock, to having the breasts of a 19 year old.’’

Dolores also took to Instagram to praise Dr. Neinstien. She wrote, “I turned 45 and it was time for a tune up! Thanks to the incredible @drneinstein I was able to get the reconstructive breast surgery I have always wanted and dreamed for! From my first consultation with Dr. Ryan Neinstein I knew he was the doctor for me! I had complete faith in him and could not be happier! There will be more details to come about my surgery soon!”

The plastic surgery lover revealed that this procedure was a total revision of a botched breast augmentation from years ago.

“Several docs would not take the case and it took me a couple years to find the right doctor to have it done right, much less have someone do it at all,” she said. “I had the utmost faith in Doctor Neinstein after speaking to him, he explained what he needed to do and that he was the guy for the job.’’

Dolores has been very open about her plastic surgery along with co-star Siggy Flicker. This past year the 45-year-old has had a Brazilian butt lift, as well as a face and neck liftShe told us just last month that a breast lift was the missing piece to the puzzle.

“There’s not much left to get done, but I do want to get a boob lift,” she told OMJ. “I have implants, but I want to get them done again because you have to keep up.”

Is this the end of plastic surgery for the Paterson native? We’ll have to wait and see. We think she looks amazing with or without the work done, but if it makes Dolores happy, then more power to her!