Find out how Albie Manzo worked off ‘generations of pasta’

Although Albie Manzo tried his best to live off his mother Caroline Manzo‘s delicious authentic Italian dishes, he soon realized he’d have to choose between satisfying his taste buds or sustaining a healthy lifestyle he was proud of. The 30-year-old Hoboken resident recently opened up about his decision to run with the latter option, spilling his 2016 body transformation secrets.

The desire to make a change in his life was more than physical for the Manzo’d with Children star. In the beginning of the year, Albie made it his mission to also better himself mentally, financially and romantically.

“I got to a place early on in 2016 where I just had to be honest with myself that I was not happy with where things were going,” Albie told People. “I just didn’t like the way I looked, I didn’t really like how things were going in my business life, how things were going in my dating and personal life … and at some point or another you just have to take responsibility for how you’re feeling.”

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He joined Core Rhythm Fitness and began working one-on-one with fitness trainer Rodrick Covington to develop a strict exercise and nutrition routine. This hardcore regime forced him to cut out alcoholic beverages, carbs, sugar and red meat for two weeks. So what does he munch on instead? Nowadays, Albie’s meals consist of fish, chicken, vegetables, and eggs.

“I felt there was someone else buried under all this junk that could truly be happy. It’s about putting goals down on paper and saying: ‘This is who I want to be’ — and that’s really exactly what I did.”

The journey was a learning process and proved working off “generations of pasta” wasn’t easy, but it was worth it.

Despite his dedication to his newfound healthy lifestyle, we still love how he isn’t afraid to admit he indulges in grilled cheese sandwiches from time to time.