5 best places to get avocado toast in Bergen County

Avocado toast is all the rage.Instagram

Avocado toast is all the rage.

If there is one thing that’s bigger than green juice, it’s avocado toast. Celebrities and health nuts have been eating this simple, yet delectable creation for a while now and Oprah even called it one of her favorite foods. While we’ve already rounded up the best juice bars, we figured it would only make sense to tell you where to get the best avocado toast. Here are our top picks in Bergen County.

1. Raymond’s (Ridgewood)

can't leave New Jersey without some brunch at Raymond's

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Designed like a 1940s diner, the restaurant delivers comfort food at reasonable prices in a hip and timeless setting. The avocado toast is served with poached eggs, tomato, and jalapeno salsa. Yum!

2. Kuppi Coffee Company (Edgewater)

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This cosmopolitan, industrial designed coffee spot is perfect for sitting for hours while staring out the window at the Hudson. It’s also a great meeting spot for breakfast or lunch. They have scones, donuts, and of course, avocado toast and sandwiches, all served on Balthazar bread (aka the best bread ever).

3. The Shannon Rose (Ramsey)

How yummy does this look?The Shannon Rose

How yummy does this look?

An Irish pub seems like an unlikely place to find avocado toast, but they have some of the best in the county. The chef incorporates seasonal and local ingredients. It’s two soft-poached eggs sitting on top of smashed avocados and English muffins, finished with a touch of smoke paprika. It’s also served with smoked bacon and a mixed green salad.

4. Farmhouse Café and Eatery (Cresskill)

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This cute family business started in 1979 and specializes in American cuisine including comfort foods, healthy and hearty salads, sandwiches, soups, and stews. The Open Face Avocado Toast is a must get — it’s avocado, sliced plum tomato, and pesto on multigrain toast sprinkled with sea salt.

5. Hearth & Tap Co (Montvale)

It’s all about handcrafted comfort food inspired by seasonal ingredients at this eatery. They bring in the best ingredients from local farms, breweries, and distilleries to make sure the customers have the best experience possible. On the lunch menu there is the avocado ciabatta toast which is a must get — mashed avocado, maldon sea salt, lemon olive oil, radish, black sesame, and sprouts.