NJ blogger who lost 115 pounds launches healthy meal delivery service

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Health and fitness blogger Stella Psihis is an inspiration to say the least. The beauty, who has 37.5k Instagram followers, is known for her curvy, yet toned physique that she only recently started to embrace after losing an impressive 115 pounds! If that’s not enough to wow you, she just launched a local prepared meal service entirely on her own.

IF YOU WANT IT, THEN GO GET IT. Weight loss doesn't happen over night. It won't just melt away either. You have to want it. You have to work for it. You have to fucking fight for it. For me, it's a battle to this day. But I keep moving forward bc I never want to go back there. Changing your habits can, and will, change your entire life. Start big or start small; it doesn't matter — just start!!! For those of you who don't know where begin or are stuck, I've shared my absolute best advice under my #healthyandcurvytips hashtag. I guarantee I've answered most questions you might have under that hashtag. #sidenote Life update: It's so fucking hectic right now — I have the computer literacy of a 3 year old yet I've been busy building my #nourishedmealprep website completely on my own. I'm learning the in and outs of the exciting world of e-commerce ???? I've designed, stocked and set up the absolute perfect commercial kitchen for MY business. I am now a security system and internet router expert (I can literally wire anything). I'm hiring employees, testing recipes, and doing all of the above while also working my actual job. So to the lil punks who had the nerve to DM me or comment that they're unfollowing bc I rarely post anything lately, I DON'T CARE. I'm out here doing boss shit. You're there sitting on your asses talking shit. See the diff?! #stepupyourgame And to all my babes who are still with me, you inspire me every day to stay on track and keep pushing forward. I made this acct for me but I'm keeping it going for you. So bear w me, any suggestions for posts are greatly appreciated bc I know you're all tired of these damn selfies ???????? FYI- Right: 17 y/o & 260+ lbs Left: 29 y/o & 150 lbs

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Nourished Meal Prep, Stella’s greatest accomplishment to date, is a healthy meal preparation and local delivery service based in northern New Jersey. Both in her personal life and her efforts behind Nourished Meal Prep, Stella is passionate about the integrity of her ingredients. According to the company’s official website, the meals are made by “sourcing the freshest non-GMO and organic ingredients – not only to save you time and money but also to help you hit your fitness goals, whatever they may be!”

Whether you want to lose a ton of weight, like Stella, don’t have time to prepare your own meals, or are forever on the hunt for delicious vegetarian and vegan options — Nourished Meal Prep is for you. Oh, did we mention each meal is only $10! I’m sure you’re wondering “how does it work?” and “do they deliver to my area?” The chef, a reputable former Whole Foods employee, cooks meals twice per week to ensure maximum quality and freshness. The meals are then available for pick-up or delivery on Tuesdays and Fridays. This type of schedule encourages people to stay on track during the weekend, which is when most diets fail and cheat meals take over.

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Stella stands by the company’s ability to offer several flexible options for ordering to fit your schedule and lifestyle. For instance, there is a once-per-week delivery option as well as a twice-per-week delivery option. The company currently delivers to areas within a 7-mile radius of their Paterson preparation facility, including a meet-up location for NYC customers. Luckily for our staff, being in Jersey City, we were recently able to try Nourished Meal Prep. The best part? Stella hand-delivered the meals herself!

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Our feelings are simple: We’re hooked. Stella was nice enough to provide us with one of each of the items Nourished Meal Prep offers. While they were all incredibly delicious, and healthy (duh), our favorites include the vegan stuffed french toast, chimichurri steak and veggie quesadilla. We’ll definitely be ordering more.

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