Teresa Giudice reveals her daughter Milania wants to ‘be in movies’ and just met with an agent

Teresa Giudice with her daughter MilaniaThos Robinson/Getty Images for Nike

Teresa Giudice with her daughter Milania

We caught up with Teresa Giudice at the US launch party for Truss Professional and one of the things we learned from Real Housewives of New Jersey star is that her daughter Milania Giudice has caught the acting bug! The mother-of-four reveals that she just took the 10-year-old to see an agency.

“She keeps telling me that out of all my daughters that she wants to be in movies. She really does,” she tells me. “I did it with Gia and then Gia really ended up not wanting to do that, but now Milania is actually asking. Like she wants to do it, so we’ll see where it goes from here.”

While Milania wants to be in movies, youngest daughter Audriana Giudice is taking after her mom and is becoming a budding yogi. The Montville resident tells me the 6-year-old loves practicing yoga with her. She’s also trying to get Milania to join them because she feels “like she has to be a little more zen.”

Audriana my Angel ????

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We spoke with Teresa at the event on Thursday at Buddakan in the trendy Meatpacking District of NYC, the first stop on her and co-star Dolores Catania‘s epic girls night out  The long-time friends came out to support Teresa’s go-to hair guru David Antunes, whose namesake Harrison salon is the only one in New Jersey and New York to carry this fabulous Brazilian line. I got chance to catch up with Teresa, Dolores, and David on the red carpet. We talked about everything from Dolores’ latest plastic surgery, to Teresa’s epic reunion with Danielle Staub, and everything Teresa’s girls are up to. Watch the video:

Teresa also tells me she is in the process of becoming a certified yoga instructor and will be graduating in January. Her daughter isn’t her only new yoga partner-in-crime these days. She recently reunited with her former co-star Danielle Staub and the two have been spotted twice now out on yoga dates. Teresa tells me the two reconnected after Andy Cohen brought her up at the reunion taping a few weeks ago.  The New York Times best selling author then sent Danielle a direct message on Twitter and the rest is history.

“I never had any harsh feelings toward her. Listen I’m the type if i have something to say, I say it. That’s it. I forget about it and I move on. I don’t try to haunt your past, or try to reach out to anyone. That’s not who I am,” she says. “And I wanted her to also know I never wanted her off the show. That was not my doing. There was other women on the show that didn’t want to work with her any longer. That never came from me. I would never take someone’s livelihood away from them.”

@danielle_staub & I got our Namaste on today with Varsha ???????? #goodvibes #goodenergy #lovenlight

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Teresa has been working with her hair stylist David Antunes for over four years now and calls him “a beautiful person inside and out.” And the feeling is clearly mutual. David tells me, “Teresa and I just have an incredible bond with one another, and we became friends. And most of the time when you are working with celebrities they don’t even know who you are and she really did take the time who know who I am.”

David, who has styled everyone from Al Pacino to George Clooney, is in the process of relocating his Kearny salon, Hair By David, to Harrison. The celebrity stylist’s salon is the only one in both New Jersey and New York to carry Truss products. He offers the Brazilian line’s popular smoothing treatment which he says will leave your hair “silky, smooth, and shiny, and cuts your blow dry time in half.”

Truss productsPaul Brasil | InsideJersey.com

Truss products

RHONJ newbie Dolores Catania, who recently had a Brazilian butt lift, loves Truss products because “anything from Brazil, I dont question it.” The mom-of-two tells me her hair secret is extensions. She just had celebrity hair extensions expert Christina Oliva (who has an impressive 33k followers in Instagram!) lengthen her gorgeous strands for the recent reunion taping. Speaking of the reunion (which tends to be very tumultuous), this was the Paterson native’s first one, and she tells me that it went really well.

“It’s all been very natural and organic for me as I’ve said a million times in interviews because I know these girls,” she says. “And they’ve been a part of my life for so long that the cameras to me were never there.”

OMJ's Kelly Dillon, Dolores Catania, David Antunes, and Teresa GiudicePaul Brasil | InsideJersey.com

OMJ’s Kelly Dillon, Dolores Catania, David Antunes, and Teresa Giudice

In addition to her Brazilian butt lift, the 45-year-old has had a face and neck lift, and most recently (like just last week) she had a breast liftDolores has been very open about her plastic surgery along with co-star Siggy Flicker, tells me she has done everything she has wanted to do and is officially done with cosmetic surgery.

“I think everyone should be honest. And when I find the right doctor I want everyone to know who I went to so that cuts out time of them going to the wrong doctor.”

Kelly Dillon and Dolores CataniaPaul Brasil | InsideJersey.com

Kelly Dillon and Dolores Catania

You can purchase Truss hair products at David’s new Harrison salon, Hair by David, which will be opening later this fall.