The two tiniest towns in north Jersey are both in Hudson County

These towns are so small you can barely find them on a map.Pexels

These towns are so small you can barely find them on a map.

What New Jersey lacks in size, it makes up for in character. Case in point: Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi. So, it seemed only appropriate for to round up the tiniest towns in the Garden State and reveal some rather interesting facts about each of them. What was one little tidbit we noticed in the list? Two of the smallest locales were in Hudson County!

To determine that they used square mile data from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to rank the ten municipalities with the smallest area size. So, what were they?

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Guttenberg, a town along the Hudson River named after inventor of the printing press Johannes Gutenberg, came in as the seventh smallest municipality in New Jersey. The town lengthwise is roughly as long as the Lincoln Tunnel. But, that doesn’t mean only a few people live there.  Amazingly it’s the most densely populated in the entire country. A whopping 11,000 people pack into just 10 blocks. The high-rise condos overlooking downtown Manhattan have a lot to do with the high numbers in the tiny area.

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The other town on the list was East Newark. It is the second tiniest municipality in New Jersey at .113 square miles. Just how small is that? Well, it can fit into the city of Newark…267 times. But, unlike Guttenberg, the town is actually small in the number of people living there. The total population is 2,406 and there are only 9 people in the police department. The school that goes up to eight grade only had 268 students and 18 teachers.

Size doesn’t matter though, right?