Here’s how to DIY Kylie Jenner’s $895 Yeezy knit boots for just $5

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Getting your hands on the Yeezy Knit Boots that Kylie Jenner loves to rock is pretty tough. Even if you’re willing to spend $895 on these killer kicks, it’s notoriously difficult to get a pair before they sell out.

Thankfully, fashion blogger Shay Charise, who has 140k followers on her Instagram account, @thenuvogue has found the easiest fashion hack to make your own Yeezys! Using socks, scissors and sandpaper, Shay copied the look.

The original video has over 92k views, but has been reposted on plenty of meme accounts across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. To pull it off, all you need is a pair of socks (Shay suggests men’s tube socks), scissors and some non-slip pads.

The viral blogger has inspired tons of her followers to recreate the look.

Shay even created a DIY for denim thigh high boots! Amazing!

I loved making these heels ???? would you like to see more DIY videos? ????

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And of course, her followers have slayed this look, as well.

Which is your favorite? ???? 1,2,3 or4 #thenuvoguediy ❤️

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