Jon Bon Jovi and wife Dorothea reveal marriage secrets and hiding their kids from fame

Stephanie Rose, Romeo Jon, Jon Bon Jovi, Jacob Hurley, and Dorothea Hurley in 2011Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Jesse, Stephanie Rose, Romeo, Jon Bon Jovi, Jacob, and Dorothea Hurley in 2011

Jon Bon Jovi is opening up on how he and wife Dorothea Hurley have shielded their four children from fame all these years. The couple, who met back in high school, have four children together: Stephanie, 23, a college senior; Jesse, 21, a senior on Notre Dame’s football team; Jacob, 14; and Romeo, 12. Dorothea says they’ve made it their mission to keep them out of the public eye, and says that Jon’s rock star job is “his life, not ours.”

“We never really drag the kids to things,” she tells People in this week’s cover story. “I never pointed at the TV and said, ‘There’s Daddy!’ We try hard just to give our kids a normal life.”

But that doesn’t mean his kids don’t know how famous their father is, it just doesn’t make him the “cool dad.”  His two sons put it all in perspective for him before a recent Bon Jovi concert . “I asked if they wanted to go to the show and they said, ‘Um, no. No thanks,’” Jon says, “So that’ll keep you humble.”


Dorothea says that family is always priority, so when daughter Stephanie was hospitalized in 2012 after taking opioids, the family stood by each other. “It happens to a lot of families that you would never know,” she says. “We dealt with it as a family.”

Jon added that the situation brought them together, “We couldn’t get any closer.”

The Bon Jovi frontman, whose new album This House is Not for Sale was released today (the first since guitarist Richie Sambora left the group in 2013), has a very hard time leaving his wife of 27 years and kids when it’s time to hit the road to go on tour. “I go kicking and screaming,” he says. “You see my fingernails in the driveway.”

Coming back home after a long tour also can pose a challenge. “You go from that life of vampires … then suddenly you’re taking the garbage out and the kids to school, going to bed at 10:30,” Jon says. “It’s a dramatic change! In a perfect world you’d go to a place like astronauts and decompress for a few days before they let you out into the real world.”

Dorothea and Jon, who back in 2006 created their charity to benefit the homeless called the Soul Foundation, also share their secret to their long and healthy marriage. “I think we grow at the same rate. We grew equally and not in opposite directions,” she says.”Somehow it works.”

Jon and DorotheaFernando Leon/Getty Images

Jon and Dorothea

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