Photos: The Body Image Boutique’s grand opening in Saddle River

The Body Image Boutique co-founders Jen Kraft and Melanie Stuble

OMJ was overwhelmed with positivity as we celebrated The Body Image Boutique‘s grand opening in Saddle River on Friday! The facility welcomed several locals, along with the borough’s Mayor Albert Kupris and State Senator Gerald Cardinale, to witness the ribbon cutting for Bergen County’s newest “happy place.”

Co-owners Jen Kraft and Melanie Struble founded The Body Image Boutique to give women, men and children of all ages an environment where they can let go of their stress, learn to feel comfortable in the skin they’re in and embrace the power of productive thinking. Who wouldn’t want to visit a place that encourages people to feel good about themselves? Their mission is to help remove the negative stigma attached to being vocal about body image and eating disorders. In return, they hope people will learn to celebrate their bodies!

From the purple stairs decorated with uplifting quotes to the bright yoga mats and pillow, it’s simply impossible to leave here without a smile. So what can the average customer expect when they come here? The Body Image Boutique offers psychotherapy, one-on-one medical and nutritional counseling by highly qualified professionals, a variety of yoga, reiki (Japanese healing technique), meditation sessions and ayurveda (powerful practice rooted in self-care and self-healing).

If you’re looking to open your mind and body to a new transformative experience, this is the place for you!

Check out all the fun from the November 4 event: