Strippers, apes, and liars, oh my! 5 best moments from the ‘RHONJ’ Season 7 Reunion Part 1

The Real Housewives of New Jersey -- Season 7Heidi Gutman/Bravo

Can you believe it’s already Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion time!? Not going to lie, Part 1 of the Season 7 Reunion was absolutely insane. If this is just the beginning, can you imagine what’s going to happen in Part 2!? It’s pretty much Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga vs Jacqueline Laurita, and the ladies weren’t holding back. Tre must have called Jac a liar about 50 times, and made some bold accusations against Jacqueline claiming that she and Caroline Manzo set her up by calling the government! Sadly, this really does look like the end of Lucy and Ethel (tear!). At least we had Joe Gorga on hand for some comic relief (and some major TMI moments!). Our favorite BFF’s Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania also gave us some much needed laughs. We also learned some fun facts, like Joe Giudice is getting his GED in prison and wants to go to college, and Teresa would never drive a Ford (although host Andy Cohen would if he “owed a lot of money”). From strippergate to looking like an ape, and Milania (duh!), here are our top five favorite moments from last night’s episode. (Warning: spoilers ahead! Bookmark this for later if you haven’t watched Sunday’s Reunion Part 1 yet).

1. Siggy telling us the story about her baller first car, a yellow Honda Prelude, and her even more fabulous license plate.  She revealed that she “hated Siggy so I put Sigee with a slash over the ‘e.’ I took a magic marker and put a slash over it.” She is seriously our soul sister!


2. Teresa twirling around shouting “Do I look like an ape?” This was in response to Ashlee Holmes‘ mean tweets towards her. Not gonna lie, this was kinda hilarious, but can’t we all just play nice?


3. Siggy admitting she is the adult version of Milania. “Milania is me, I am Milania.” Why didn’t we see this sooner!? Siggy adds that our favorite RHONJ kid comes “from a good place. Her heart is bigger than her whole body.” Just like The Sig!


4. Teresa accusing Jacqueline of being a stripper. Why do these Jersey ladies love throwing out this accusation at one another!? While the women continue to argue over strippergate, Joe Gorga lightens up the mood with this classic one-liner, “What’s wrong with strippers?” Gotta love him!


5. Teresa disagreeing with the other ladies that Dolores and her ex Frank should get back together. “Once your penis goes in another vagina, I would always think about that.” Oh Tre. Yea, that’s all we’re going to say.


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