New Jersey women brought Pantsuit Nation to the Garden State

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In the last few weeks, a secret Facebook group called Pantsuit Nation formed as a support group for Hillary Clinton voters. Its members made a pact to rock pantsuits to the polls in honor of the Democratic presidential candidate’s trademark trend.

Never to fall behind in fashion, the women of New Jersey buttoned up their best pantsuits before voting. Check out some of the greatest Garden State pantsuits!

“#Imwithher and my pantsuit is, too!” shared a voter from Jersey City.

#imwithher and my pantsuit is, too!

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This voter proved that pantsuits can be casual, too, by rocking an all-white outfit with red Adidas sneakers.

VOTED! #imwithher #maythebestwomanwin #shatterthepatriarchy #strongertogether #pantsuitnation

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How fabulous is this pantsuit? We’re loving the white ruffled collar!

Get out and vote!! #pantsuitnation

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This white pantsuit is everything!

#suffragette #pantsuit #broochthesubject

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This little girl is too young to vote, but she’s still a proud member of #pantsuitnation.

This dog can’t vote either, but she can really rock a pantsuit.

This voter gets extra points for fitting red stripes into her pantsuit.

It’s this millennial’s first election and she is definitely making a statement with her red lips, white top and blue pantsuit.

This voter once marched for Equal Rights for Women and now she’s a part of #PantsuitNation!

This woman traded in her yoga pants for a pantsuit!

Pantsuit Nation isn’t the only Election Day trend. Voters are also wearing white in honor of the American suffragists who fought to earn women the right to vote. White was the designated color of the movement.

Of course, a “Nasty Woman” shirt made an appearance.

VOTED!!! #makeherstory #wearwhitetovote

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