The most unique NJ holiday candles to give (or buy for yourself)

Give the gift of a candle.

Give the gift of a candle.

The holidays are a time filled with incredible smells whether it’s your mom baking in the kitchen or fire roaring while you open presents. Smells are the perfect way to remember these incredible memories, so why not give a candle as a gift to remember this year’s celebrations for years to come? Better yet, let’s make them New Jersey candles.

Here are five of our favorite Garden State-themed candles.

1. Surfs Up Candle for $22

The holidays are wonderful, but once winter sets in all you want to do is be at the warm beach. While we can’t make that happen, this candle can at least bring the smells of summer back. It has the aroma of surf wax and is made right here in the Garden State, so you can feel good about supporting a local business as well.

2. New Jersey Sampler for $20

You can smell all your favorite parts of New Jersey.Etsy

You can smell all your favorite parts of New Jersey.

Can’t decide your favorite spot in New Jersey? These candles don’t have to make you choose. You get four 2-oz soy candles named Garden State (smells like a garden of flowers), Cape May Twilight (smells like berries, musk, apricot, oak and juniper), Great Falls Mist (a duplicate of Pier One’s “Ocean” fragrance, which is clean and crisp), and Jersey Shore Boardwalk (smells like sandalwood vanilla).

3. Spanky’s Candles for $13

Spanky's makes candles to remind you of all your favorite parts of the Garden State.Etsy

Spanky’s makes candles to remind you of all your favorite parts of the Garden State.

This New Jersey based candle maker has captured the essence of some amazing spots all over the state and created candles for the perfect holiday gift. Whether you want to be reminded of Seaside Heights with the Seaside Mist that smells like the cool ocean mist or Ocean Bay Driftwood, which has woody notes of cedar and sandalwood with a hint of fresh florals, there’s a candle for every Garden Stater in your family.

4. New Jersey Homesick Candle for $29.95

If you're feeling homesick, get this candle.Homesick Candles

If you’re feeling homesick, get this candle.

This chic candle will not only look good in your home, but also will remind you of the amazing smells found in the Garden State.  The 13.75-ounce candle is described as boasting “scents reminiscent of the Jersey shore.” Typical burn time is 60-80 hours, so you can keep the candle burning straight through the holidays.

5. Jersey Pine Barrens for $7.95

Who doesn't love the smell of the Pine Barrens?Etsy

Who doesn’t love the smell of the Pine Barrens?

If you have walked in the Jersey Pine Barrens then you know the smell is intoxicating. Pine cones, fresh air and Evergreens is what is captured in this candle. They are hand poured right here in New Jersey and the adorable jar features an image of the Garden State, perfect for a holiday gift.