5 best places to get avocado toast in Jersey City

Here's where to get some awesome avocado toast in Jersey City.Instagram

Here’s where to get some awesome avocado toast in Jersey City.

It doesn’t get much better in terms of a breakfast or a snack than a good plate of avocado toast. Celebrities swear by it and we’ve already rounded up where to get some of the best in Bergen County and Hoboken. So, why not help you find some delish avocado toast in Jersey City? Check out our favorite spots below.

1. Short Grain

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This neighborhood café and eatery is located in downtown Jersey City where they serve specialty coffee, sandwiches, brunch, and small plates. The avocado toast is vegetarian and is topped with feta, lemon, and pickled red onion. They are very generous with their avocado and you have the option to add an egg on top as well. (Confession: the OMJ ladies order this at least once or twice a week!)

2. The Kitchen Step

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Located in the downtown part of Jersey City, this place is great for an after-work drink, brunch, or a long dinner. But, they also make a killer avocado toast. The smashed avocado toast is under small plates, so you can feel comfortable eating it for any meal.

3. The Hamilton Inn

This spot is known for their great brunch, which includes a filling avocado toast option. It consists of two poached eggs, toasted English muffin, pickled onion, jalapeno and field greens. Also, be sure to have a drink at brunch – the Bellini’s or the fresh squeezed mimosas are the perfect way to start a weekend!

4. The Warehouse Café

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This rustic-industrial space is great when you just want to kick back, relax, and enjoy some good food aka avocado toast. Their version has pecorino Romano and cayenne pepper which gives it a little kick. The bread is thinly sliced and perfectly toasted. The avocado is also delicious and generously spread.

5. Congress Station

This quaint little coffee shop serves more than just coffee. The avocado toast is on whole wheat bread sprinkled with sea salt and lime juice. It is really tasty and comes at a good price. Your belly and wallet will be happy.