Watch Laurie Hernandez’s tearful DWTS performance after her grandmother’s death

Laurie Hernandez teared up during her performance on "Dancing With The Stars" after the death of her grandmother.YouTube

Laurie Hernandez teared up during her performance on “Dancing With The Stars” after the death of her grandmother.

Laurie Hernandez always gives a performance her all, but Monday night’s episode of Dancing With the Stars the gymnast was particularly emotional. The Olympian revealed during the season 23 semifinals that her beloved grandmother Bruni, who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, had died while she was rehearsing for the show.

The show actually recorded Laurie’s visit with her grandmother in Old Bridge over two months ago and ran the clip on Monday night’s show. “I kind of feel bad because I’ve been away from home for so long,” she said. “So, I haven’t been able to see her as much as I used to, and she’s not doing so well, but I think I’m gonna see her soon.”  Sadly, her grandmother died the next day.

In tribute, the gold medalist performed a touching foxtrot with partner Val Chmerkovsky wiping away tears the whole time. Laurie took to Instagram after the November 14 performance to reveal her heartbreak.

“Today was pretty rough and emotional; but I’m grateful to have the people I’m closest to help pick me back up,” she wrote. “I lost someone very dear to me. My grandma was a tough cookie, and she’ll always have a special place in my heart. Thanks for all of your love and support; and thank you @iamvalc for being there for me and looking out for me”

Val also took to Instagram to share his condolences.

“You don’t need anyone. You have shown you can hold your own thru any situation, but it’s nice to have family around,” he wrote. “I love you. I’m proud of you. I’m not here to shelter you from the truth but I’m always here to try to give you an explanation. Life is tricky thing sometimes, hard to explain, but one thing I know is your grandmas legacy lives thru you. You make her proud every single day. With the grace with which you carry yourself. the example you set for others. and the humility and joy you share with the world around you. you’re a gem Laurie, don’t ever change. Love you and very proud of you. Your older brother.#dwts.” reported that Hernandez’s grandmother died Wednesday evening, but the decision was made to not tell her until Friday. “I just want to protect and guide her through it, but I’m not going to shelter her from a situation that is hers,” Valentin told the publication of the decision to tell her the news.

The judges clearly noticed the tearful dance too. “I saw you breathing into every move, using all of that emotion and channeling it into something beautiful for all of us to watch,” Carrie Ann Inaba told her. The florid Bruno Tonioli offered this bit: “You looked like you were flying, guided by an angel.” She earned straight 10s.