Check out these incredibly colorful Christmas trees!

The Wyckoff Christmas Tree Farm added some colorful options to their selection.Facebook

The Wyckoff’s Christmas Tree Farm added some colorful options to their selection.

One of the things that truly makes it feel like the holidays is choosing a Christmas tree to decorate. While you can go to the store or roadside stand to pick up the perfect one, the Wyckoff’s Christmas Tree Farm in Belvidere lets you get a little more involved.

You can actually cut down your own tree on the property where they have a selection of over 5,000 trees. And this year they made those trees a little more magical by offering pink, light blue and dark blue to their colored tree collection. And clearly people are excited about it!

Hurry up and get one!Facebook

Hurry up and get one!

“Hasn’t even been 24 hours with our latest variety and we’ve had several phone calls, people knocking on our door, and cars stopping to take pictures,” the Wyckoff’s Christmas Tree Farm wrote on their Facebook page earlier in November. “Something new we are trying this year… what do you guys think? Any colors in particular you might find appealing? Let us know, your feedback helps! We only did a couple purple/white but if we have enough requests we are always willing to do more and try some different colors!”

How awesome are these trees?Facebook

How awesome are these trees?

The trees, which were made colorful using a special spray paint, cost $8 a foot and they also have beautiful wreaths, white pine roping and more.