JWoww and Christina Milian reveal their reality TV regrets


The only thing better than a Jersey girl is two Jersey girls! Jenni “JWoww” Farley and Christina Milian got together to chat about the time they both spent on reality television.

While Jersey Shore and Christina Milian Turned Up were two party-filled, fun shows, both stars revealed that there were definitely some things they’d do differently if they had the chance.

“I’m all about no regrets because like, the whole corny butterfly effect. ‘If I didn’t do it, then maybe this wouldn’t have happened,'” said JWoww. “But I do regret, which isn’t gunna change anything, my freakin’ bad, terrible extensions season one.”

“After like four or five days of straight drinking, I didn’t give a sh** what I looked like, I didn’t think the show was going anywhere,” she said.

At least her new short hair looks fabulous!

Christina’s confession was a bit bolder. The Jersey City native admitted that she showed everything from waxing to bleaching on the show.

Check out the full, hilarious video!