Dear Santa, Nick Jonas’ abs are the only thing we want for Christmas this year

OMJ must be on Santa’s infamous nice list, because we were given an early Christmas gift in the form of Nick Jonas‘s rock hard abs. The 24-year-old former Wyckoff resident shows off his amazing physique for the December issue of Men’s Fitness, discussing his fitness and nutrition regimen for anyone looking to get their body ready for summer 2017.

The drool-worthy photo shows the “Chainsaw” crooner lifting up his black tank top to reveal the many muscles hiding under there. Nick also tugged on black skinny jeans, exposing his bulging biceps and the ‘Mercy’ tattoo on his forearm. We’re not exaggerating, his body will seriously make you sweat. Towel, please!

“It’s important to stay in your lane,” Nick told E! News. “One philosophy [trainer] Gregg [Miele] teaches that I really appreciate is that everybody’s got a different approach to fitness. No one way is wrong. Being competitive is good, but it can also leave you sore and struggling to recover.”

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So what kind of exercises does the singer practice? The proud uncle, who recently met his niece Valentina Angelina for the first time, cites intense cardio workouts, weight and hardcore strength training and high heart rate exercises as some of his go-to fitness activities.

Going to the gym three times a day has truly paid off for the second youngest Joe-bro, but eating healthy 24-7 can get a little tricky. Nick admits he has a major sweet tooth and has a cheat day every now and again. Due to his type-1 diabetes, Nick was put on a specific blood-type diet to ensure his body wasn’t digesting any inflammatory foods.

“Your body feeds off that recovery time, so don’t push yourself so hard just to do better than the guy next to you in the gym,” Nick added.