Snooki and Jwoww’s Thanksgiving hacks include cooking corn on the cob in a cooler! Yes, really.

SnookPhoto by Craig Barritt/Getty Images

Snooki and JWoww have come a long way since their Jersey Shore days.

Is Thanksgiving stressing you out about how you’re going to cook for your whole family? Don’t worry; New Jersey reality stars Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Jenni “JWoww” Farley have you covered! The BFFs just put out a video of Thanksgiving hacks that will make your holiday a breeze and add pretty decorative twists to your table. Part of their Moms with Attitude web series, it features the two best friends giving holiday tips and even getting their daughters Meilani and Giovanna involved (so if you’re cooking with your kids, you’ll get some fun tips).

First, Snooki reveals that she’s hosting 75 people! If someone serving that many family members has things under control, you want to listen to her. These two do things in ways you’ve never seen before…like cooking corn on the cob in a cooler! Yes, really.

For the turkey, while they usually let someone else handle the bird (in Jenni’s case, her husband, Roger Mathews), but this year they’ve bravely tackled the task, starting with spatchcocking. It’s a bit of a Lucy and Ethel moment as Snooki has a little freakout while she’s trying to slice into the bird, making it more comedy cooking than culinary tip, but still worth watching, whether you’re squeamish like they are or completely comfortable doing the messy work of getting the turkey ready.

The former Jersey Shore stars also share advice that will help you in the kitchen all year long, like how a rubber band can save your spoon from falling into a pot and how to make an adorable vase out of a pumpkin! Then they make the most adorable leftover containers so you can send you guests home with yummy treats in style rather than with your dishes you may never see again. Best of all these are all budget hacks that won’t break the bank and are easy for cooking novices.

Check out some highlights from their Thanksgiving hacks video below from YouTube, from making a pretty pie crust with lots of trial and error to using cinnamon sticks to decorate your candle centerpieces, and watch the whole thing on the Go90 app.