Get your Thanksgiving turkey roasted for free at Sinatra fave Antique Bakery in Hoboken

thanksgiving-turkeyPhoto by John Munson

If you love having a traditional turkey on Thanksgiving, but don’t have the time or inclination to roast it yourself, get on over to Hoboken because the about-to-reopen Sinatra approved Antique Bakery is cooking up something very special this holiday. According to The New York Post, they’ll roast your turkey for you, and give you free baguettes! “The historic Antique Bakery (now Antique Bar and Bakery) in Hoboken, NJ, which Sinatra frequented for its famous bread, will reopen its doors this Thanksgiving to revive a decades-old ritual of roasting locals’ birds in their coal-fired oven.”


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The bakery’s new owner, Joseph Castelo, told the newspaper, “Cooking up turkeys for Thanksgiving was something the old baker always did, and we want to uphold that neighborhood tradition.”

The long-time bakery closed in April but is set to reopen on Thursday, with head chef Paul Gerard, pictured below, cooking up the turkeys in a 100-year-old coal oven.

The city’s most famous crooner, Sinatra, couldn’t get enough of their bread. Long-time Hoboken resident Pietro Castella recalled, “He’d have one of his guys come with a suitcase and fill it all the way up with bread. Then he’d have it shipped to wherever he was.” If that isn’t a ringing endorsement, we don’t know what is!

The bakery is beloved by locals, one of whom calls their breads, “Hoboken’s finest carbs.” So you can get your fix of baked goods and let someone else do the hard work while you get to feast this Thanksgiving. We think that’s a win/win!

I get to bake in an amazing kitchen today.

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