Patrick Wilson opens about about his latest puppy adoption

Patrick Wilson loves his new dog Louise.Instagram

Patrick Wilson loves his new dog Louise.

Is Patrick Wilson like the perfect guy? Not only was he just named one of People’s Sexiest Men Alive, but the Montclair resident also has a huge heart. He recently opened up to the magazine about his love of rescuing dogs and discussed how his third adopted pup, Louise has been quite a handful.

“She put us to the test when she was little,” said The A-Team star. “We really had to establish that we were the boss, because she was trying to rule the roost. These ears — at first they crossed they were so defiant.”

Things got so bad with the 8-week-old dog that they wanted to bring her back to Ruff Rehab in Clifton, New Jersey. “She tested our will, certainly,” the Tony-award nominee added. “There were times early on when my wife was like, ‘I’ve got to give her back!’ I was like — ‘We’re not giving her back!’”

It was only after their second dog died from cancer did Louise start to be easier to handle. “Once the other dog passed away, all of a sudden she became more affectionate,” Wilson noted. “She took over that role.”

Now that the pup is here to stay, be on the lookout in Montclair for the happy family. Patrick is a regular at local restaurants, and can often be seen out and about with his kids.