5 ways to restore your beloved red Louboutin soles (including shoe addict Coco Austin’s go-to gal)

Ensure your red soles look like this always.Instagram

Ensure your red soles look like this always.

A pair of Christian Louboutins is one of those holy grail items you want in your closet. Their signature red bottoms stand out from all of the other shoes. But, it’s those famous red bottoms that get scuffed up pretty quickly after wearing the shoes around town (as you should).

Not to worry though. There are several ways to repair the bottoms that will have you strutting around town in no time.

1. Check out Coco’s girl

Coco Austin is a self-proclaimed shoe freak (she even has a whole song about it), so we trust her advice when it comes to fixing a pair. “Gotta give some love to my girl @shanrox1207,” she wrote on Instagram. “If u need to repair the red on your red bottoms of your louboutins contact this girl! She’ll hook ya up!”

The company is called Red Bottomz and they teamed up with a paint mixologist to create the exact same paint color and quality that is used to paint CLB’s at the factory. They have developed the paint, painting technique and special applicators to restore the ‘redbottomz’ to the original factory look.

2. Use rubber soles
Red Bottomz also has the option for you to put rubber bottoms on your CLBs so the red lasts a lifetime. “We are proud to announce we will be now featuring the ‘red bottom rubber soles,’” they wrote on their webpage. “These soles are specially produced in Italy and will last a lifetime.” The turnaround is only 4-5 business days and you’ll be on your way to lifelong soles.

3. Buy red lacquer paint
A UK based company called Save Your Sole created touch up paint that is the same “China Red” as Louboutins. While it doesn’t last forever, it’s a great quick fix for only $35.

Perfectly polished, from head to toe.

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4. Find a cobbler
There are some decent cobblers that can cobble together a replacement heel, but be careful who you go to. Check The Christian Louboutin official website as they list preferred shoe repairers. If you can’t make it to a location, the Leather Spa in NYC has a service that allows you to mail them in, and they ship them back to you after the repair is completed.

5. Apply a cell phone shield
A good way to avoid having to replace your red soles is to prevent them from getting scuffed in the first place. How? Apply the thin plastic screen savers that you use for your cell phone or iPad. The only skill you really need is to cut the piece of plastic in the shape of your sole.