Poll: Is Michael Kors still cool?

Michael Kors World Food Day - BerlinTimur Emek/Getty Images for Michael Kors

Ugh, bummer. Apparently Michael Kors isn’t cool anymore. Business Insider has reported that the brand that was once on the top of everyone’s Christmas list is now being removed from gift guides. Its stocks are down 37%, which BI suggests is likely due to the fact that it’s reached the peak of popularity that brands such as Coach and Juicy Couture hit before finding a home in the clearance bin at Macy’s. (Editor’s note: Viva la Juicy! I will rock velour jumpsuits for the rest of my life!)

So, what’s the verdict? Is Michael Kors still cool? Or are you going to have to find a way to kindly ask your mother-in-law for the receipt to return the camel colored wallet she got you for Christmas?