This tree farmer found a lost wedding ring—help him identify the owner

Help find the owner of this wedding band.YouTube/

Help find the owner of this wedding band.

Wyckoff’s Christmas Tree Farm in Belvidere is famous for its colorful Christmas trees you can chop down yourself and they’re hoping their notoriety can help solve a mystery. The owner, John Wyckoff, found a wedding ring in April that he’s hoping to return to the rightful owner.

“I just caught a glimpse of something,” he told “I wasn’t sure what it was. Lo and behold, it was a wedding band.”

Though he’s had the band since the spring, Wyckoff is making a big push to find the owner before Christmas. The man’s ring has a distinctive pattern on the outside and an inscription on the inside with the wedding date. “To David. Love, Nancy,” it reads. The only information he won’t reveal is the wedding date to make sure frauds don’t try to collect it and plans to request a wedding certificate to prove the authenticity of ownership.

The ring has been sitting in the shop for months with no owners trying to claim it, so Wyckoff decided to make a push during the holidays to finally solve this mystery. If this all rings a bell to you then get in touch with the farm by emailing

Otherwise, just stop by the farm for an awesome Christmas tree!