The 7 most iconic ‘Jersey Shore’ moments

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Seven years ago, we all tuned into Jersey Shore for the very first time. None of us could have predicted the impact the reality show would have on the world when the housemates dragged their luggage (or trash bags) packed with Ed Hardy graphic tees into the Seaside Heights shore house, The cast fist pumped their way through six legendary seasons, truly leaving a mark on reality television forever.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t that deep. Either way, here are some of the moments that have sealed the show into our memories forever.

7. The Prank Wars
Whether it was turning the living room into the rooftop or secretly filling Mike’s room with stinky cheese, each prank was more ridiculous than the last. There is no better cliffhanger than an unreturned prank.

6. Deena’s faceplants
usually had a tough time making it through a room, let alone a full episode, without falling over. Her clutzy habits were adorable and hilarious and her dedication to wearing heels was admirable.

5. When Pauly D had a stalker
In the eighth episode of the first season, DJ Pauly D had a stalker. The guys referred to her as a “stage five clinger,” which is probably what you and your friends still refer to that guy you met that always double texts you.

4. Every single time Sammi Sweetheart ever yelled “RAHN STAP”
If there’s not already a Jersey Shore drinking game (there probably is), taking a sip every time Sammi yelled “RAHN STAP” would probably get you drunk enough to get kicked out of Karma.

3. Pauly D and Vinny’s Bromance
Remember when Vinny picked that piece of lint out of Pauly D’s hair at the beach? That was honestly one of the greatest acts of humanitarianism of our time. These two had one of the most enviable friendships ever.

2. When Snooki couldn’t find the beach while she was literally on the beach
In the third episode of season three, Snooki got a little too drunk at the beach (it happens, okay?) and had some trouble locating the beach. Unfortunately, she was arrested for public intoxication, but that was five years ago so we’re probably all set to laugh it off now, right?

1. The catchphrases
She’s too young for you bro, cabs are here, t-shirt time, DTF, smushing, GTL, grenades, meatball problems… the list goes on forever. Catchphrases were undeniably the greatest thing about Jersey Shore.

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