OMG Chelsea Handler has a bar in her closet

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Close your eyes and try to imagine which celebrity would have a bar in her closet. Did you picture Chelsea Handler? Good job.

The Livingston native recently gave PEOPLE a tour of her closet and yup, there’s a bar in it. After showing her hat collection, drawers of workout clothes and a personalized set of underwear from Stella McCartney, the comedian revealed what makes her love her closet the most.

“My favorite thing about my closet is my refrigerator and ice drawer,” said Chelsea. “If you have a bar in your bedroom, it feels like things are going your way. And  I’m proud of myself.”

It seems I behave the same way in whichever country I'm in.

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Just incase having a stash of alcohol in the same space as her workout leggings wasn’t relatable enough, Chelsea showed off the one dress that every single one of us has in our wardrobes. Although most of us probably don’t have a black dress sent personally from Christian Dior, we definitely have that one piece that we always try on but never wear.

“Either my boobs look too big, or I have the arm fat,” she admitted. “Every time I have an event I try it on and I’ll probably never wear it.”

For a full look at Chelsea’s closet, check out the PEOPLE exclusive.