Dazzle Candy: Take our video tour of the whimsical-chic Wayne boutique

OMJ's Kelly Dillon with Dazzle Candy owner Candice LauritaPaul Brasil | InsideJersey.com

OMJ’s Kelly Dillon with Dazzle Candy owner Candice Laurita

Whimsical-chic (and affordable!) treasures await you at Dazzle Candy. This beautiful Wayne boutique, which is situated right on Packanack Lake, has a little something for everyone. Owner Candice Laurita gave us a tour of her beautiful abode and showed us some of her favorite items, from chic chokers to her Aunt Caroline Manzo‘s infamous bath bombs. Candice’s store, which is located right next door to her cousin Lauren Manzo‘s salon Full Blown,  is sure to be your new guilt-free, one stop shop. Watch below for your exclusive tour inside Dazzle Candy.

Dazzle Candy has been a fixture on the Wayne shopping scene for the past three years. Candice tells me she got her start over six years ago making handmade jewelry as a hobby, and eventually people started buying it, so she opened up an online store, and it just took off from there.

“We did it a little backwards. We started actually as an online jewelry store, where I only made custom jewelry, and then it kind of transformed into buying jewelry, and then the jewelry turned into clothes, and then it turned into this, and then this was in my house.”

She soon realized she needed a brick and mortar location, after too many online customers started coming to her house to try on pieces. That’s when the mother of two decided to open up her first boutique in her hometown.

Paying homage to her roots, one of the unique features inside Dazzle Candy is the bead bar, where you can make your own custom jewelry or have Candice design it for you (Hint: this is the perfect holiday gift). Candice also hosts bead parties for adults and children, and teams up with Lauren and Full Blown for Beads and Braids and Beads, Beauty and Booze parties.

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Dazzle Candy is essentially a mini department store that carries a stunning, and diverse range of clothing and accessories. You can find everything from comfortable jeggings and bell sleeve tops, to fun camo print tops and bottoms. Candice also stocks a unique assortment of colorful, and playful jewelry, the most adorable children’s clothing, and tons of bohemian-inspired gifts, like prosperity hens, chakra bath salts, wind chimes, and buddhas. She also carries Caroline’s Friendly Monkey Soap Company bath bombs. Candice loves getting in unique pieces, which set her store apart from others. She says, “I spend my nights hunting for different, random vendors and people that make stuff. I like to find people that are small.”

Candice tells me she gets new pieces in almost daily. “I like to keep it new,” she says. “What’s worse than walking into a store and seeing the same things over and over and over again.”

The best part about shopping at Dazzle Candy, is that it is extremely affordable. This is something Candice takes pride in. “I like to keep it like that. I like to think like myself.  I wouldn’t want to come in and spend 75 dollars on something and think am I gonna wear this once,”  she says. “For 49 dollars, you know what, if I wear that this weekend, and it’s cute, and I got that one really cute outfit from that, I’m not sad.”

One of her most popular sellers is Caroline’s bath bombs. Candice tells me that bath bomb delivery day is always a crazy day. “They’re just fun and they smell good. I’ve been using them even when she was in the test phase,” she says. “I’ve been putting them in my kids’ bath and they come out, they don’t need lotion, they are completely smooth and soft. It doesn’t stain my bath tub. They entertain them the entire bath.”

Dazzle Candy has a huge presence on social media (over 17k followers on Instagram!). Candice believes this has been one of the secrets of her success.

“I really feel that social media is huge for any business. It’s a different time. No one’s reading the newspaper anymore, sad, but no one’s reading it,”  she tells me. “Everyone is online and everyone’s watching videos and blogs, and Instagram, and who’s putting this on Snapchat. You gotta keep up because everything is dependent on that, and I’m a strong, strong, strong believer in social media is everything.”

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You can visit her whimsical, bohemian-chic paradise at 40 Lake Drive West in Wayne. Trust me, budget some extra time, because you will get lost in this wonderland for hours. Visit DazzleCandy.com, and shop online on Facebook and Instagram.