WATCH: NJ mom goes viral after hilarious Hatchimals holiday rant

If Black Friday didn’t prove just how crazy holiday shopping can get, just wait until it gets closer to the actual holiday(s). After failing time and time again to get her hands on the hottest toy of the year, one New Jersey mom decided to release her frustration in a hilarious Hatchimals rant. After Dottie Russo‘s desperate plea went viral, the Paramus resident was ultimately able to purchase the popular egg-like toy for her daughters.

Back on Nov. 11, the Bergen County shopper posted a four-minute long video titled “Freakin Hatchimals!!” where she vented about the craze that’s taking over toy stores everywhere and how she’s been driving herself crazy trying to get them for her children. The video has generated over 24,000 views on YouTube, which means she isn’t the only eager beaver looking for the perfect present.

If you’ve been living under a rock lately, Hatchimals are these adorable eggs that hatch into these colorful hybrid animals. The lucky owners get to teach their new pets how to walk, talk and even dance! It’s no wonder these Spin Master products have been flying off the shelves.

“A Burtle — Apparently it’s what happens when you mate a turtle with a bee,” Dottie said in the video. “Um … which are visions I can’t get out of my head.”

She continued to voice her anger and confusion regarding stores and their non-existent inventory, as well as, the insane re-sell value attached to them. The toys have become such a hot commodity, people have even begun to sell the originally priced $69.99 Hatchimals for ridiculous prices like $200.

Luckily, a woman watching a recent Eyewitness News report on WABC saw coverage of her rant and knew she had to do something to help. Dottie was able to buy two Hatchimals from the kind viewer for a very reasonable price, according to

Check out her full epic freak out below: