This vegan and organic at-home tanning service will leave you glowing

Spray tans are one of the greatest inventions of our time. Achieving a sun-kissed look without having to worry about damaging your skin is a truly magical thing. However, the actual process of getting a spray is kind of a drag. It’s such a pain to have to go out in public sans makeup in dark, baggy clothes that you don’t mind sacrificing to your spray tan. Plus, smelling like mystery chemicals until you can finally shower is less than ideal.

Luckily, Zen Bronze has an awesome alternative.

The handheld airbrush system allows Kerry to evenly spray every part of your body.

Zen Bronze Healthy Organic Airbrush Tanning is a custom mobile tanning service now available in New Jersey. In the comfort of your own home, you can get a vegan, organic airbrush tan. In addition to never having to worry about running into someone while you’re rocking a pair of old stretched out yoga pants, Zen Bronze is a tanning service that won’t leave you orange. The solution is derived from sugar rather than carrots, so you’ll end up a beautiful brown bronze rather than an unfortunate orange.

OMJ was lucky enough to test out these amazing, natural tans. Kerry Evans from Zen Bronze gave us a gorgeous glow right in the living room!

Zen Bronze offers an original airbrush tan as well as an express service. The original tan has a solution that takes eight to 12 hours to develop, meaning a client must wait at least eight hours to shower, wear makeup or sweat. The express airbrush works well for anyone who doesn’t have time to wait, as you can rinse off after only an hour. (Although, the longer you leave it on, the darker the results will be.) An original tan is $39 for full body, while an express is $49. For a full list of pricing, check out the Zen Bronze website.

I opted for the original tan, while Nicola Musa, our Social Media and Talent Coordinator went for the express airbrush. The next day, we were both sporting glowing, natural looking tans!