Why this former NJ beauty queen gained 70 pounds


Hannah Choi opened up about her weight struggle.

Being a beauty queen is something that many girls dream about. But, for one New Jersey woman this was her nightmare. Hannah Choi opened up recently in a YouTube video about her struggle with bulimia while competing in Miss NJ USA back in 2014. She has since gained 70 pounds and is hoping to spread her message of body confidence through the personal clip.

“People assumed, including my family members, that I was at my healthiest,” the beauty revealed about her 140-pound frame two years ago. “But, no one really knew what I was struggling with deep inside and at this point I definitely had an eating disorder. And when I was competing in Miss New Jersey, I feel like my eating disorder had really come to light because of how frequent it had become.”

About a year after she competed in Miss New Jersey, Hannah found out she was pregnant and had extreme morning sickness. Once she was able to eat again, she started binging. “I was really lost and confused,” she said. She gained 70 pounds, but at the same time turned to her religion and no longer felt the pressures she once faced at her thinnest. “I felt like I always had to be put together,” she added.

5 facts about me for my lovely new followers: 1. My name's Hannah ???????? I'm a Dallas based blogger and influencer, and a first-time SAHM to an (almost) two year old boy. 2. I founded The Beauty Of Our Imperfection™ because I struggled with so many insecurities regarding my self-image which eventually led to an eating disorder. I thought I was completely alone. It was only until after I got saved by Jesus that I was able to be free from those lies and start my journey to healing ???????? I wanted to create a space where I could be transparent and open to encourage other women that they're not alone- and most importantly, that there's hope in Christ. 3. I love clams. Especially eating them ???? And I think they're kind of cute. 4. I'm currently on a weight loss journey and have 50 more pounds to lose ???????? I share more about my journey on my blog, (link in bio) if you want to read more about that! 5. I'm thankful that blogging has opened unexpected opportunities like sponsorships from companies and brands that I adore, but most importantly, the wonderful community of other mommies and ladies I met through this outlet. Who would've thought a simple hobby could blossom into so much more? Tell me more about yourself, by leaving 1 fact down below ????????(If I'm not following you, I want to make sure to do so!)

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Though Hannah admitted she does want to lose 50 pounds, she said her perspective has changed and it’s about being healthy not thin. She started an Instagram account and Christian-based blog called The Beauty of Our Imperfection to document her journey from and hopefully be a voice for other women suffering from eating disorders.

“I’ve never been more ready to share something that I swore I would never tell a single soul a few years ago when I competed for @missnjusa,” she wrote in a recent post. “If you’re struggling with an eating disorder or body image issues, you’re not alone.”