A busy woman’s guide to bringing zen back to the holidays


It’s possible not to go crazy during the holidays.

Isn’t ironic how the most joyous time of the year tends to be the most stressful? During the holiday season, we put even more pressure on ourselves to be super-women, taking our already busy days and stuffing even more into them — hunting for the perfect holiday cards, the best gifts, the cutest wrapping paper. Whether you’re wearing the sassiest outfit to the trendiest parties or nesting at home with 4-story ginger bread houses, chances are good that you are doing more than your share of partying, shopping, and socializing. It can all get downright exhausting.

Is it any wonder that 45 percent of Americans would prefer to skip the holidays all together? We refuse to take a moment for ourselves because there’s just so much to do.  But we can’t expect to do and be our best or operate at our highest levels if we don’t allow ourselves a moment to catch our breath.

So decorate your tree. Light the Menorah. Celebrate Kwanzaa. Honor diverse traditions. But, stop stressing! Use meditation to bring the zen back to your holidays this season. How? We reached out to Patricia Karpas, who co-founded an NJ mom favorite app called Meditation Studio, for a few tips to get you on your way.

1. Download a meditation app

Who would have thought that your phone, one of the biggest sources of distraction, could help you meditate? Use it to download a meditation app like Meditation Studio which offers more than 200 meditations in collections like Stress, Anxiety, Pain, Sleep, Happiness, Confidence and Performance.

2. Create a comfy space in your home

And make it your place to meditate.

3. Choose a consistent time of day


Choose a time that works for you.

This will help it become part of your everyday routine. For some it may be first thing in the morning before the kids get up for the day while for others they may prefer to meditate at night — it can even help you get a restful night’s sleep! You don’t need a lot of time to meditate — a five minute meditation can be effective. In fact there are even 2-minute quick break meditations you can find.

4. Dont judge yourself

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Any time you sit down to meditate or pause, it’s a good thing.

5. Just do it! Don’t let busyness distract you


Don’t let the rush get to you.

When you’re calm, less frenetic and less anxious, you’ll be a lot more focused. Namaste!