The 10 most creative red velvet concoctions in northern NJ

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deep fried red velvet cupcakes by Callahan’s Hot Dogs

When you think of red velvet, you likely picture a beautiful slab of luscious, colorful cake topped with a melt in your mouth cream cheese frosting, but did you know there’s a whole lot more to red velvet desserts? These northern New Jersey restaurants and baking companies are serving up the most creative concoctions we’ve come across, so you can indulge any time, not just at birthdays.

For starters, check out these mouthwatering red velvet pancakes topped at Top’s Diner in East Newark. Yes, pancakes! Breakfast just got a whole lot more delicious, didn’t it? Did we mention they’re filled with chocolate chips?

To be filed under…things we never expected could be made: red velvet empanadas from Bergen County food truck Empanada Mania.

Here’s another way to improve upon an already delicious foodstuff: red velvet macarons, available at mall Garden State Plaza in Paramus.

When your red velvet #macarons look and taste like the ambrosia of the gods #Bingo #Saturday #lifeissweet

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What about these red velvet chocolate chip cookies from custom bakery GoodieBox Bakeshop? We’re pretty sure it’s impossible to eat just one!

If you can think of anything cuter than these adorable red velvet cake pops, we applaud you! You’ll be the most popular holiday party hostess around if you serve these treats by custom baking company It’s Delicious.

Add a whole new twist to a classic by combining two dessert favorites with these red velvet cannoli cupcakes by Kara Kakes in Franklin Lakes. Whoa!

And it turns out that New Jersey serves up what sounds like a state fair treat: deep fried red velvet cupcakes! You can get this so-wrong-it’s-right dessert at Callahan’s Hot Dogs in Norwood. Make sure to save room!

Another breakfast (or lunch) staple: a red velvet donut from one of our favorite spots, Downtown Yogurt in Jersey City.

Ever wonder what a red velvet donut taste like?? @downtown_yogurt #jerseycity #jc #deliciouscraic #redvelvetdonut #heaven #fall

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When you want a dessert that’s so much more than a dessert (some of us would even call this a sweet tooth fanatic’s meal!), look no further than the red velvet milkshake at Brownstone Pancake Factory in Edgewater. It’s piled high with so much deliciousness we’re getting a sugar high just from looking at it.

Our {red velvet} milkshake brings all the boys to yard and they're like…it's better than yours! ???????? @brownstone_pancake_factory

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And of course, last but not least, the classic red velvet cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory at The Shops at Riverside in Hackensack is just what you need after a long day of holiday shopping!

Red velvet cheesecake

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