How ‘The Voice’ singer Christina Grimmie is being remembered 6 months after her death

Christina Grimmie, who was 22 at the time of her death, was killed by a gunman in Orlando earlier this month. Getty Images

Late singer Christina Grimmie, who was fatally shot at the age of 22 at an Orlando concert in June, got a special tribute in Evesham Township, New Jersey (part of Marlton) on Saturday when nonprofit organization Wishwall Foundation made a physical wall where people could post wishes of their own that they hope will come true. The organization started by setting up virtual walls for these public wishes, but last year branched out into physical ones, so it seemed fitting to do so at the library in Evesham, Christina’s hometown.

Six months ago today, the great life of @therealgrimmie was taken away. Today with @girltalkmarlton and @thewishwallfoundation I stood in front of #Thewishwall, – the second one after The Wishwall in Philadelphia, this time we were in the city of Marlton NJ- to honor and remember Christina and be inspired to do greater things. #Thewishmaker w/ @grimmiereaper – her brother and family' s smiles assured me that Christina's legacy will go on. A legacy of love, despite the pain. Thank you everyone who came and put their wish up today. I love you all ❤️#thevoice #lovealwayswins #newjersey #christinagrimmie #grimmie #eventlife #mylife #mystyle #honor #charity #lovequotes #quote #millennials #wishesdocometrue #wishes #christmas #friendsgiving #womenentrepreneurs #girlstalk #girlstuff #girlsnight @nbcthevoice @gaiaceccaroli #america #americanstyle #stopgunviolence #noviolence #quote #teamgrimmie

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Wishwall Foundation was started in 2015 by fashion model, writer and philanthropist Simonetta Lein. According to their website, where anyone can post a wish, “The most meaningful wishes will be helped to come true by The Celebrity Wishmaker Simonetta Lein & The Wishwall Foundation team, under their sole discretion, three times a year.” Their Facebook page states that the groups mission is: “It gives voice to the voiceless and inspires, according to the pay it forward philosophy.”

The Christina Grimmie inspired event, which was open to the public, asked residents to post “meaningful wishes, for themselves or someone special.” They did so in spades, asking for “children with disabilities to be treated like everyone else” and “a cure for Multiple Sclerosis” and that “food companies would stop poisoning us with chemicals,” according to photos posted on the group’s website.

The move to get a Wishwall in honor of the popular The Voice contestant was spearheaded by the members of Girl Talk Malton, many of whom had met Grimmie at her concerts. One young fan, who’s part of Girl Talk, who met the singer she considers her “hero” multiple times, spoke at the ribbon cutting ceremony, saying, “If it wasn’t of Christina—her music, her strength and her kind heart—I wouldn’t have made it through middle school.”

According to, “At the library Saturday, dozens of children and adults scribbled their wishes on colorful pieces of paper that were then posted on the wall. Some were simple, like a wish for a toy plane, and others asked for world peace or an end to bullying. Some kids asked for big but necessary things — like a job for his or her mom or a service dog for a sister.”

Christina’s brother, Marcus Grimmie, was in attendance. He had posted a photo of the two of them on Instagram last week, writing, “First Birthday without you was not an easy one. Miss you a lot sis. Thinkin about you all the time. Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes. It means so much.”