JWoww’s 7-month-old son in a Santa hat is cute enough to make Scrooge smile

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There’s no better way to get in the Christmas spirit than to dress your baby like Santa, especially when he’s got his own “bowl full of jelly” and is perfectly chubby and plump, and reality star Jenni “JWoww” Farley knows that quite well. Her baby son Greyson Valor Mathews, who was born in May, is all set to celebrity his first holiday season in style. Just look at how scrumptious the seven-month-old is with his chubby cheeks, Santa hat, red shirt and the wide-eyed look on his face! We have a feeling he could con anyone into giving him all the milk and cookies he can handle. Even if you don’t believe in Santa Claus, you’ve got to believe that Greyson is one of the most adorable babies in the world.

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The whole family, including daughter Meilani Alexandra Mathews, is feeling festive, or at least, looking gorgeous in their best seasonal colors for the camera. As Jenni’s husband Roger Mathews noted in a caption to their holiday card family portrait in his typical pull-no-punches Instagram writing style, “The Hallmark Christmas card. The tree fell over right after this picture was taken, Grey s–t his pants, Meilani threw a temper tantrum, Mom divorced Dad and a partridge in a f–king pear tree.” Before anyone takes that too literally, we are pretty sure this is simply Roger’s way of saying that they are a normal family just like the rest of us.

But the holiday fun doesn’t stop there. Meilani got to indulge in the ultimate kid dessert decoration dream: building a gingerbread house.

Sugar baby lol ❤️????☺️

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Both brother and sister got to meet Santa, even though only Meilani really knew who he was.

Grey is absolutely clueless ???????????? meilani is working It ????????????????????????????????

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And because we just can’t get enough of him, here’s Greyson rocking a t-shirt that would make any mama proud to receive as a gift this year, bearing the words, “Last Name Hungry First Name Always.”

Perfection ????

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But we have a feeling we know what Greyson is getting for Christmas. Watch this video and hear his adorable laugh and you’ll be hoping he gets his favorite thing so we can see more of these happy baby noises:

If this doesn't make you smile you need to lay in traffic.

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