5 gifts (besides makeup) to get the beauty junkie in your life

The beauty junkie in your life is secretly one of the most difficult people to shop for. At first, you think “I’ll just get her makeup.” Suddenly, you’ve found yourself standing cluelessly in Sephora trying to figure out the difference between matte and satin lipstick.Here’s a quick tip: do not gift your favorite makeup lover any makeup this year, unless she has specifically given you the exact name and shade of what she’s looking for. True makeup gurus are usually pretty specific about the products they use, so instead, opt for something she’s guaranteed to love.

1. A lighted mirror
Proper lighting is a must for anyone who’s serious about applying makeup. Ulta Beauty has plenty of fabulous options, but the Conair Illumina Lighted Makeup Mirror is particularly amazing. There’s pretty much nothing worse than moving into new lighting and realizing that your makeup only looked good in your home bathroom. For $34.99, the beauty junkie in your life can switch between evening, home, office and day settings to avoid that horrifying feeling.

Ulta Beauty

2. A face mask
Even the most careful beauty gurus have had their fair share of run ins with problem skin. Lush’s $8.95 Cosmetic Warrior mask gently battles clogged pores so even skin that wears layers of makeup each day can stay clear.


3. The Original Makeup Eraser
The worst thing about wearing makeup is having to take it off. Makeup remover wipes, cold creams and other disposable concoctions do the trick, but seem to run out so quickly! The Original Makeup Eraser is a $20 cloth that lasts up to 1000 washes and removes all makeup with only hot water. Magic!


4. A cosmetics bag
Depending on the variety of your beloved beauty guru’s cosmetic collection, she may or may not use cosmetic bags to store her makeup in. If she’s got a full glam station in her bedroom, don’t give her a giant makeup bag, because she probably won’t use it. Instead, opt for a smaller one she can use to carry essentials like lipstick and mascara on the go. There’s a cosmetic bag for every style and budget, from the $78 Tory Burch Metallic Mini Cosmetics Case to the $16 Gypsy Warrior Red Lips Rock & Roll pouch.

Gypsy Warrior

5. A LuMee phone case
What’s the point of wearing a $45 highlighter if it doesn’t even shine to its full potential in a selfie? LuMee phone cases are surrounded by studio quality LED lights for the perfect photo. They start at $39.95 and can be purchased online, at That Little Black Dress in Montclair or at Urban Outfitters.


Happy shopping!