Halsey found a non-gross way to combine sushi and cupcakes

When you hear “celebrity baker from New Jersey,” you probably think of Buddy Valastro from Cake Boss, right? Well, maybe not anymore. It looks like Halsey might be gunning for his job.

The Jersey-born singer casually whipped up the most adorable cupcakes ever for her manager’s birthday. She also successfully combined two of our favorite things, sushi and cupcakes, which we never imagined would be possible.

Of course, the internet totally freaked out over the 22-year-old’s confectionery skills. Some thought the cupcakes were decorated with raw fish, but Halsey clarified, writing “the fish is icing u dummies not real fish.” Glad that’s been sorted out.

Specifically, the fish were made out of fondant icing and painted with food coloring.

Even the soy sauce, wasabi and ginger were sweet! Is there anything she can’t do?

Although, it probably helped to have been trained by a sushi chef in Japan. Just saying.