Photos: ‘Star Wars’ takes over Liberty Science Center After Dark’s happy hour celebration

Nothing says ‘Star Wars’ like lightsabers and double buns

Thursday was a night to remember, as Jersey City’s Liberty Science Center held their last LSC After Dark of the year. This time, the learning landmark celebrated with a Star Wars-themed happy hour cantina for adults to explore their love for the iconic space film series, while also letting loose on the dance floor.

When they weren’t too busy taking pictures with Stormtroopers and Chewbacca, guests were welcomed with a string of activities to partake in like the insane virtual reality simulator or the treasure hunt known as the Jedi Quest. In-between their adventures, delicious treats and drinks were being served. Anyone up for a Dark Side cocktail or Seven-Leia Dip?

Both women and men arrived in their best costumes for a chance to win tickets to see the newest installment in the movie series, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The competition was extremely competitive.

Like previous LSC After Dark events, some of their most popular exhibits were open for attendees to enjoy. From the infamous touch tunnel to a laser show in the IMAX 3-D theater, there was nothing but fun hiding around every corner.

Check out everything that went down during the December 15 event: