Jessie James Decker’s curling iron is finally available

Instagram | @jessiejamesdecker

When we found out that Jessie James Decker was going to be releasing a curling iron, we decided to dedicate our lives to refreshing her Instagram page until she announced that it was officially available to buy. Alright, slight exaggeration… but we were pretty excited. Now, we’re even more excited, because it’s finally on sale!

So excited the curling iron is available now!!! Makes the prettiest, loose waves! Get it at

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The 1.5 inch curling iron, which is made by the hair care company fave4, is designed for perfect, mermaid-y waves just like Jessie’s. There’s even a swivel cord so you don’t get tangled up, an extra long barrel for long hair and one hour auto shut off for those of us who can be a little bit forgetful. In other words, it’s totally perfect.

The Bless Your Hair Soft Waves Curling Iron is $65 on the fave4 website. We’re already obsessed!