JWoww and Meilani’s matching crystal-encrusted UGGs are everything

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Meilani Mathews is totally her mother’s mini. Jenni “JWoww” Farley shared a photo of the mother-daughter duo’s matching crystal-encrusted UGGs and we’re pretty obsessed with them. They’re adorable.

Matching with my mini

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The 2-year-old rocked them with a festive poncho while Jenni joked that she’s already a teenager!

Ummm when did she become a teenager?!

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The Jersey Shore alum explained that she and best friend Snooki have realized that they are ready to raise another generation of fist pumpers.

Stage moms lol @awestruck @go90

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“I have to save the bail money for in 20 years when my daughter wants to go to Seaside and do something stupid,” Jenni told E! News. “Me and Nicole started laughing because we were like, no we’ll be in Seaside with them. We’re never going to change, we’re just going to be better parents.”

Need more proof that Meilani is the next Jersey Shore star? Check out this throwback photo of JWoww next to a photo of her mother. What a strong family resemblance!