Kevin and Danielle Jonas reveal Christmas traditions and the unique way they’re celebrating New Year’s Eve

Kevin and Danielle Jonas pose with the Aflac duck.

Kevin and Danielle Jonas have certainly had their hands full after welcoming daughter Valentina into the world in October. But, things are about to get a little more hectic with the holidays coming up. So, what exactly is the pair up to for Christmas and New Years?

“We are kind of just taking it low key,” Danielle told OMJ Monday at the launch of #AFLACHOLIDAYHELPERS Campaign in NYC. “Normally I have Christmas at my house, but one of my other family members is going to do it just because two kids, cooking…it’s just not going to happen.” Kevin added, “It’s just new, next year we will go back to normal. It’s been a lot.”

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Despite having a newborn around, that won’t stop the singer from carrying through with some Christmas traditions. “I always go to Arthur Avenue in the city with the men from Danielle’s family while the women bake at home,” said Kevin. “Only the guys are allowed to go. So, the women bake that day and then we go at like 4:30am, we get in line, hang out, it’s the greatest time. All you see is all of these guys in line, which is funny and they are all smoking cigars, drinking wine at like 6am, but it’s such a cool family because you see the same people every year and it’s just great. You pick out all your meats and cheeses and something different we do. I never did it before. Once I married her, I was part of the group and so we go.”

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The couple also already has a stocking ready for Valentina. “Both Alena and Valentina have stockings,” said Kevin. “We had a stocking for Valentina before she was even born,” added Danielle. And while their newest tot is too young for gifts, the couple reveals Alena is ready for the presents. “Oh, we catch her trying to rip open gifts that are under the tree that are there for other people already every day,” revealed Kevin. “Alena is going to enjoy Christmas in the biggest way possible this year.” Danielle added, “She will be like, yeah that is nice, that is nice, okay where is the next one?”


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In terms of New Years, the duo has unique plans this year. “We have a wedding,” said Kevin. “Our trainer, Anthony Micheal is getting married and they did it on New Years Eve for their wedding, which is totally awesome because it kind of makes us have plans or we would be home with the kids.”