Martha Stewart reveals that she only dates younger men

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Martha Stewart and Justin Bieber during The Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber in 2015.

Martha Stewart is totally a cougar. The Nutley native recently chatted about her love life with fellow Jersey girl Wendy Williams and revealed her dating preferences.

“A little bit here and there,” Martha said when Wendy asked if she’s currently dating.

Wendy also asked what kind of a man Martha is interested in, to which the businesswoman replied, “Oh not older, definitely not older. About ten years younger.”

Although Martha is into younger men, she’s definitely not a cradle robber. She doesn’t want anyone too young. She recently had a 33-year-old boyfriend who she thought was older.

“I went on a trip to Egypt and I took this guy with me,” said the 75-year-old. “I found out he was younger than my daughter. I had no idea!”

We’ll admit, we’re a little disappointed about that. We really thought the Justin Bieber and Martha Stewart thing was going to go somewhere.

Guess not.

See everything Martha had to say about her love life in the full video.