Danielle Jonas opens up about staying fit throughout her pregnancy


Kevin and Danielle Jonas

Kevin and Danielle Jonas may have welcomed daughter Valentina in October, but the new mom already looks incredible and appears to be back at her pre-baby weight. That’s all thanks to the hard work she did during her pregnancy.

Danielle would often post pictures of her workouts as her baby bump grew. “Last pregnancy I really busted my butt with working out and I saw how easy the pregnancy was and then the labor, so I was like I have to do it this time too,” Danielle told OMJ Monday at the launch of #AFLACHOLIDAYHELPERS Campaign in NYC. “I think things just go much smoother and you feel better.”


Danielle Jonas looked incredible at her first appearance since giving birth to Valentina.

She turned to celebrity trainer Anthony Michael to keep her in shape while under the constraints of her pregnancy. “For instance, during your pregnancy, you never want to use a weight that you can’t do 15 times,” he told us back in August, adding that your heartbeat should never exceed 140 beats per minute and it’s safest to stick to exercises on your back rather than stomach.

Working out not only kept her in shape and made for an easy pregnancy, but also was helpful to relieve any mental stress. “Take the time to do it because you’re going to be happier,” added Danielle. “Even if you have other kids, they are going to be happy because you’re happy, you know and it feels good and it gives you more energy I think. It gives you a headspace, even just for 30 minutes. It doesn’t have to be this 2-hour gym time and that is what the trainer kind of put in my head.”

Kevin added, “She would always come back more energized for the day.”

Meanwhile, Anthony didn’t hesitate to say that Kevin, who has found a second career as a home builder, has been slacking. “Kevin, get your butt in here!” Anthony joked while he taught us the proper push up technique for the 22 Push Challenge in August.

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Well, Kevin had his own response. “Well I have been a little busy,” said Kevin. “He wrote me two days ago and goes, ‘What happened to this kid’ and sent me a video of me working out. I was like, what happened to me is that I have been trying to build a company and I can’t get in there with you but at the same time, I love that guy. What am I going to do?”