NJ’s best-stocked bar is somewhere that will surprise and delight you

Peter Genovese I NJ Advance Media for NJ.com

When you think about cozying up to a bar with a huge selection so you can get your drink on, you probably picture one in your local town where you’re a regular, or perhaps one you visit on special occasions. Well, think again, because Tacquila has over 2,000 bottles of alcohol ready to serve you, and it’s located at Newark Liberty International Airport, in the United Airlines’ Terminal C! According to NJ.com, with its more than 200 bottles of tequila, it’s “also undoubtedly the state’s largest tequila bar.”

According to Eric Brinker, vice president of experience for OTG, the company that manages Terminal C’s restaurants, Tacquila does indeed have “the largest selection of tequila in the state for an on-premise location — restaurants, bars, airports, hotels, anywhere other than a retail store or liquor store.”

So not only can you calm your nerves before a long flight (or, let’s be real, even a short one), you don’t have to settle for whatever random liquor is being served up. You can imbibe with your favorite drink or try a new one. You don’t have to drink on an empty stomach, either; Tacquila serves Mexican food ranging from breakfast burritos to Veracruz shrimp cocktail. The revamped Terminal C is part of what The New York Times calls a “culinary oasis” thanks to a $120 million revision to the much traveled section of the airport. This led NJ.com to wonder whether Newark has the best airport food in the whole country, praising Tacquila’s chicken, pork and duck tacos, in particular. It certainly beats grabbing a boring sandwich or being stuck with peanuts or pretzels on the plane!

But that’s not all this Garden State airport, which transported over 35,000,000 passengers in 2014, has to offer. Creature Comfort Pet Therapy, which is based in Morris Plains, offered therapy dogs just before Christmas during those high volume travel days to passengers, pilots, flight attendants as well as airport employees who could use a little break.

Via ccpettherapy.org

As News 12 reports, Karen Clark of Creature Comfort Pet Therapy, explained their purpose: “There’s a lot of fearful flyers. I’m one of them, so I would love to have a dog to play with before I get on board and we destress the staff the flight crew they come by as well.”

Watch how these adorable animals helped bring their calming powers to busy travelers:

Between the tequila and the therapy dogs, Newark Airport might just be the happiest place in New Jersey this holiday season!