Jersey City ranked the most livable city in the US

Jersey City was ranked as the most livable city in the U.S.

New Jersey is Number 1 (at least in our eyes) when it comes to a lot of things: food, reality stars, etc. But, a new study from analytics-driven personal finance site SmartAsset revealed that we also rank high when it comes to livability. Well, Jersey City specifically as it was just named the most livable city in the United States.

To draw this conclusion, the study took into consideration six factors including things like population density, walkability, crime rate, unemployment rate, and income after housing. Jersey City reigned supreme out of the 93 cities in the study. Why? “It has the third-highest population density, third-highest income after housing and is fourth in walkability,” read the study.

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That’s in addition to how close the booming city is to New York City meaning Jersey City residents can earn higher wages in Manhattan, but have a lower cost of living. “Jersey City residents have $35,452 on average to play with after housing costs,” added the study.

Who else rounded out the top five? Irvine, California; Plano, Texas; New York, New York; and Honolulu, Hawaii. While New Jersey might have taken the top spot, eight California cities ranked in the top 25. Memphis, Tennessee came in last place due to its high rates of violent crime and property crime, and an unemployment rate of 13.4 percent.