Butt lifts to epic fights: Top 10 craziest (and most hilarious) ‘RHONJ’ moments of 2016

Heidi Gutman/Bravo

Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita battle it out during the Season 7 finale

2016 marked the return of the Real Housewives of New Jersey after nearly a two year hiatus, while they waited for OG Teresa Giudice to return home after serving out her 11 month prison sentence. Joining Teresa for the long-awaited seventh season were veterans Melissa Gorga and Jacqueline Laurita, friend of the ladies Kathy Wakile, and newbies Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania. After that glorious premiere episode in July, we had no idea what fun was in store for us for the remainder of the year. On and off camera the ladies and their families made us laugh, cry, stare with our mouths wide open in shock and disbelief, and laugh some more. It was certainly hard, but we managed to narrow down their best moments of the year. So grab three orders of buffalo wings just like Dolores did in Vermont and chow down on them as quickly as Tre did (she sure needed nourishment after that epic battle!) as you read through our top 10 craziest (and most hilarious) RHONJ moments of 2016.

10. Dolores adopts a one-eyed cat and names it Fetty Wap. That’s right! The Season 7 newbie named her new cuddly cutie after fellow Paterson native and rapper Fetty Wap. So Jersey of her. Gotta love Dolores!

“As you all know I am constantly trying to help animals in my community! Here is the most adorable kitten that I rescued today from Paterson, NJ,” Dolores wrote on her Instagram. “She was crying outside my dads door and he called me she is at the vet now eating and getting healthy ! If anyone is looking for a kitty please DM me she had one eye shut and from Paterson so I named her Fetty!”

9. Melissa gets the Kim Kardashian vampire facialThis mom of three doesn’t mess around when it comes to her skin. The Envy by Melissa Gorga boutique owner had her go-to plastic surgeon Dr. Kassir giver her an IPL laser treatment and PRP Therapy earlier this year — aka the ultra-scary looking vampire facial made famous by Kim Kardashian. This facial is certainly not for the faint of heart! Mel, you are brave girl.

@melissagorga follows our recommendations and refreshes her skin after months of sun exposure right in time for the holiday season. Earlier this week, Dr. Kassir performed #PRP and a #laser treatment (IPL- previously shown) on #rhonj @melissagorga. ????the videos above show how PRP works and how the IPL laser treatment is performed. For PRP, blood must first be drawn from a patient. The platelets are separated from other blood cells and their concentration is increased during a process called centrifugation. Then the increased concentration of platelets is combined with the remaining blood. ➡️laser treatments are non invasive and we offer different depths according to each patient's skin condition. ➡️while some may know PRP as the #vampirefacelift, PRP also stimulates hair growth, rejuvenates the face, neck and hands; restores lost volume; treats #acne; improves scarring such as acne scars and #stretchmarks; AND there's no risk of allergic reactions, rejections or infection. ☎️212-288-3000 ???? info@drkassir.com ????SNAPCHAT: @drkassir https://www.snapchat.com/add/drkassir #drkassir #rhinoplasty #nosejob #nycrhinoplasty #nycnosejob #plasticsurgery #cosmeticsurgery #transformation #nonsurgical #nonsurgicalnosejob #beautytrend #topplasticsurgeon #celebrity #fun #beauty #beautytip #bravo #reality #skincare #healthyskin

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8. Kathy Wakile giving us a tour of her two-story closet. It’s not everyday you get invited inside a RHONJ cast member’s home, let alone their amazing closet. Kathy’s wardrobe is total closet goals. She gave us an exclusive tour back in July of her light and airy sanctuary which houses her colorful collection of high and low end dresses (she loves a bargain just like us!), her beautiful assortment of designer shoes and handbags, and hats upon hats upon hats — her favorite accessory. Watch below for your look inside her envy-inducing closet.

7. Siggy Flicker’s infamous lobster-bisque straw scene during the Season 7 premiere. Now that was an introduction!  Season 7 newbie Siggy burst onto our television screens walking into Rails Steak House in Montville fresh off of having a facelift, all covered up in a super chic scarf of course, to meet Jac and Dolores for lunch. She then proceeds to order their infamous lobster bisque and drink it through a straw since she can’t chew! Such an epic debut.

While visiting Rails back in July we had a little fun and reenacted the scene! How could we go to Rails and not order the lobster bisque and sip it through a straw while wearing that oh-so-chic facelift disguise, a la Siggy?  Siggy, we love you!

6. Joe Gorga gets naked (yet again!). This housewives hubby sure likes to take it all off, and he wasted no time going full monty during the season premiere. Joe is certainly no stranger to taking it off for the cameras, and showing off Tarzan — his nickname for his baby-maker — as we’ve seen during previous seasons, but it never gets less shocking. We saw Joe during the premiere just nonchalantly stripping naked to take a shower, in a room full of cameras!  No big deal right Joe?

Joe’s strip tease made quite the commotion that night, so much so, that he was trending on Twitter!

While chatting with Melissa the day after at her Season 7 Premiere After Party at Envy, she told us Joe is clearly not shy,

“Oh my gosh, I’m like ‘Joe!’ He just doesn’t even pay attention to the cameras, like he makes believe that they’re not even there. He just does what he has to do. He’s not shy obviously. That’s Joe,” she says. “I yelled at him by the way. I was like ‘Can you keep your clothes on when the cameras are here, like it’s not funny.’ He’s like ‘What I don’t even care. I just do what I have to do.’ I’m like ‘No it’s not funny, and they’re blurring you, and it’s not even a big enough blur if you ask me.'”


5. Dolores gets a butt lift (among many other procedures)This mom of two certainly isn’t shy about sharing all of her plastic surgery procedures with the world, especially her Brazilian butt lift. She discussed it on her July 31 appearance on Watch What Happens Live, saying of her famed behind, “It’s still a little sore. It’s very new.” In addition to the butt lift, she also had a face and neck lift, as well as full reconstructive breast surgery this past October. She told us back in September that it was the last piece to the puzzle.

“There’s not much left to get done, but I do want to get a boob lift,” she said. “I have implants, but I want to get them done again because you have to keep up.”

4. Pretty much any words spoken by Milania Giudice during Season 7. This kid has had way too many amazing one liners this year for us to count. We weren’t surprised at all when Teresa revealed to us exclusively in November that Milania is getting an acting agent. Girl needs her own spinoff pronto! Here are some of our favorites lines of the year:

Milania to Joe: “You’re so fat. You look like you’re pregnant. You’re having like four babies.”

“Dad I’m sorry, but I can’t imagine you being skinny.”


Milania to Joe while shaving his back: “You smell like raw cookie dough.”

3. The epic Vermont battle: Jacqueline vs Teresa and Melissa. It was the epic Vermont fight we were waiting for all season, and it certainly did not disappoint. Jacqueline might win the award for best digs of the season (and possible series). During the absolutely insane episode she called Teresa a “crazy, table-flipping bitch” and “criminal,” and screamed at Melissa for being a “fake, phony bitch” and declaring she had four nose jobs. Jac also got into it with Tre’s friend Robyn Levy and uttered this now infamous line, “Rage on your f**king a**.” Wowwwwww. That’s all we have to say about that.


2. The two-part Season 7 Reunion. Enough said. It was absolutely insane. It was pretty much Teresa and Melissa vs Jac again, and the ladies didn’t hold back. Tre must have called Jac a liar about 50 times, and made some bold accusations against Jacqueline claiming that she and Caroline Manzo set her up by calling the government and blamed them for her prison sentence! The women sadly took to a lot of name calling. We heard every name in the book from clown, to Pinocchio, and this classic Tre one-liner: “a wolf in lamb’s clothing.” The ladies continued their arguments over Melissa’s nose job and stripper-gate. There was a glimmer of hope after Tre and Jac both got quite emotional after watching scenes of their happier times, and agreed to a peaceful coexistence in the future, but sadly, it really does look like the end of Lucy and Ethel (tear!)

1. Teresa and Danielle Staub becoming yoga buddies. Who saw this one coming!? Certainly not us! The two have rekindled their friendship after that epic table flip from Season 1 and years of not speaking, and have been spotted twice now out on yoga dates. Teresa told us at the Truss US launch party in October that the two reconnected after Andy Cohen brought her up at the reunion taping.  The New York Times best selling author then sent Danielle a direct message on Twitter and the rest is history.

“I never had any harsh feelings toward her. Listen I’m the type if i have something to say, I say it. That’s it. I forget about it and I move on. I don’t try to haunt your past, or try to reach out to anyone. That’s not who I am,” she says. “And I wanted her to also know I never wanted her off the show. That was not my doing. There was other women on the show that didn’t want to work with her any longer. That never came from me. I would never take someone’s livelihood away from them.”


@danielle_staub & I got our Namaste on today with Varsha ???????? #goodvibes #goodenergy #lovenlight

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2016 was quite a crazy year for the RHONJ ladies. We can’t wait to see what 2017 brings!