These are the best (and most unique) chocolate shops in New Jersey


Your sweet tooth will be happy with these chocolate shops.

New Jersey is known for whipping up some delicious food. Our restaurants have been named some of the top in the country and celebrity chefs are coming to the Garden State to open to ventures. But, we’re also know for things that might not be so good for us (Boardwalk food any one?). That’s why we kill it when it comes to making the best bad food of all: chocolate. Here are some of the top spots whipping up this sweet treat.

1. Lolli and Pops in Wayne


This store is filled with fun goodies.

This California-based chain opened in the Willowbrook Mall in Wayne recently and boasts some of the most unique flavors around. Try the jalapeno peanut chocolate bar, pumpkin-ginger or spiked espresso. They also have Marshmallow crispy cakes, which you can get covered in caramel corn or Oreos. Also worth the try: beer truffles; choose from Full Sail IPA, Rogue Ale Hazelnut brown nectar and Widmer Hefeweizen. Beer lovers will enjoy the mix of brew with chocolate.

2. Koro Koro Rice Ball Café in Jersey City

This hot chocolate is quite different than your typical hot chocolate. It is a rich chocolate but has cinnamon and a little cayenne added to it to make it a little hotter (literally). You will definitely warm up with this beverage and perfect for all the chocolate lovers out there.

3. Hot Chocolate Straws at Luxx Chocolat in Ridgewood

Forget about your typical hot chocolate! This is hot chocolate on a stick, or rather on a straw. You just stir the French chocolate block filled with a creamy chocolate ganache into milk and sip through the straw. The Hot Choxx straws come in dark chocolate, red velvet and white peppermint flavors. So easy and fun!

4. HB+M Chocolate in Parsippany

What’s better than a chocolate truffle? An over-sized chocolate truffle. HB+M Chocolate makes a unique dome shaped shell that can be filled with ganache and you can have a center made of coconut macaroon, doughnut, or brownie. There’s nothing else like this out there and it is homemade too.

5. Matisse Chocolatier in Englewood

This chocolate company offers not only chocolate, but also the chance to create your own chocolate treat. Their chocolate academy provides classes to anyone even if you have zero experience and consists of learning about the two types of chocolate, how to mold and cluster chocolate and even the history of chocolate. You will walk away with one pound of chocolate clusters, which you will have made in class. They also can customize Oreo cookies with a theme that matches your party or event.

6. ChocolateMolds at Enjou Chocolat in Morristown

This cute shop has 50,000+ molds and can cast most things in chocolate. It has a wide variety of chocolate to please anyone with a sweet tooth. As far as picking from the molds, there’s Santa Clause, snowman, beer mug, pumpkins, and more. They are perfect for different holidays or just for a birthday.

7. Chocolate Fantasia in Lyndhurst

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This family owned chocolate shop has been serving the area since 1983. They specialize in chocolate dipped strawberries, chocolate dipped cheesecake, gourmet triple dipped apples, chocolate dipped fruit platters, and more. Basically anything that is dipped in chocolate – you can count on it being here.

8. Chocodiem in Clinton

This Belgian chocolate shop has been named one of the best chocolatiers in North America by the Institute of Culinary Education. Jean-Paul Hepp owns the shop and realized he missed Belgian chocolate. Both of their locations (there’s also one in PA) offer hand-painted truffles, chocolate gelato, salted caramel brownies and an array of French macaroons. Jean-Paul also turned to the science of Belgian chocolate making. He traveled to look for the best ingredients and then came up with a 15-piece liquor collection with wine chocolate, Belgian beer chocolates, champagne, sake, and much more.

9. Whoopie Pies at Cocoa’s Bakery in Jersey City

Check out our pop up shop tomorrow 11am – 4pm in the lobby of the Hyatt at Exchange Place! @hyattregencyjc

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Whoopie pies AKA the BFO (Big Fat Oreo) is delicious and a must have at this bakery. They make their Whoopie Pies with chocolate and a pumpkin cake and have several varieties of fillings. They come in two sizes — large and a mini ‘I can pop it into my mouth easily.’

10. Lollipops/Easter Bunnies at Conrad’s Confectionary in Westwood


How fun are these lollipops?

These lollipops are a chocolate novelty at this candy shop. There are many shapes to choose from including the Eiffel Tower, a dog, a music note, an elephant, a football and much more. This place is also well known for selling their Easter Bunnies, which were featured on Martha Stewart. You can’t go wrong with either choice!