15 times Martha Stewart totally won Twitter

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

In case you haven’t noticed, Martha Stewart is good at everything. Whether she’s baking or decorating or doing anything in between, the famous Jersey girl adds her signature touch to everything she does. Perhaps one of the things Martha excels at the most is tweeting. Don’t believe it? Here’s 15 times Martha totally won Twitter.

1. When she found some “dope” street art while traveling with Snoop Dogg.

2. When she hung out with Courtney Love in Miami. Is there anything more rock star than that?

3. That time she got us thinking about the circle of life

4.When she had absolutely no idea who New Jersey native, food guru and Kardashian BFF Jonathan Cheban was

Like, literally no idea.

5. When she explained that fashion is truly an art form

6. When she was just as frustrated with the lack of an edit button on Twitter as the rest of us are

Honestly, something has to be done!

7. When she silenced the world with a single letter

8. When she proved that no matter how busy your schedule is, there is always time for a hot dog

9. When she was the only person in the entire world who found hoverboarding to be easy on the first try

10. When she very subtly bragged about her Scrabble win

11. When she related to every Jersey girl ever by posting a Throwback Thursday photo of a “real bad tan”

12. When she revealed that even Martha Stewart enjoys a good slice of Funfetti cake

13. When she live-tweeted a Jason DeRulo striptease

She was clearly quite shocked.

14. When she shared a “kind of fabulous” photo of herself covered in tattoos

15. When she turned to her Twitter followers to help her prepare for the roast of Justin Bieber

Oh, Martha. We love you.