Kal Penn competes against Cheryl Hines on ‘Masterchef Celebrity Showdown’


Kal Penn takes on Cheryl Hines in a special edition of ‘Master Chef.’

Actor Kal Penn may best be known for his comedic skills, but he’s now tackling a whole new talent: cooking. The Montclair native took to his Instagram account to reveal his battle against fellow comedian Cheryl Hines on a special episode of Masterchef Celebrity Showdown.

Listen to @kalpenn. The #MCShowdown is one event you don't want to miss.

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The Harold & Kumar actor later shared another clip from the competition, which aired Monday, where Cheryl, who played Larry David’s wife on the Larry David Show, attempted to distract Kal from his cooking by poking him with a pair of tongs only to accidentally poke him in the eye. “Did I really poke you in the eye,” she says. “Yeah,” Kal said as he jumped up and down while squinting his hurt eye. “I told you to watch my back, not my eye.” A medic was even rushed on stage in the dramatic moment.

Despite his minor injury, the comedian and former Obama staffer, whose given name is Kalpen Suresh Modi, walked away victorious. Not only could he claim he’s a better cook than Cheryl, but also was able to donated $25,000 for UNRWA USA, which supports UNRWA’s humanitarian work to protect and assist Palestine refugees in the West Bank, Gaza, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon.

Also representing New Jersey was sports host Tiki Barber, who along with his twin brother Ronde Barber competed against brothers Benji Madden and Joel Madden.

Watch the full episode: